Candy Crush Saga Level 109 Cheats | Answers | Walkthrough

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Candy Crush Level 109 Tips

Candy crush level 109 is one of the more frustrating levels. The bombs locked away in the standalone blocks mean that you burn through lives very quickly. Unfortunately, this is a level that requires a lot of luck. Try these hints for a better chance of moving on.

Lose the bombs

OK, OK, it’s obvious. So the question is “how?”. You need to look for horizontal stripes and stripe combos. There is no other option. It might take a while.

Same for the jellies

No more good news unfortunately. Horizontal stripes and stripe combos will get the other jellies.

Cascading candies

Look for matches near the bottom. It boosts your chances of cascading candies that generate stripes.

A video solution for Candy Crush Level 109 is shown below:

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